Using Acupuncture to fight Shingles Part 3

51 year old woman presented at the clinic with shingles after suffering for more than 3 weeks. She has severe pain on the whole of her left arm with scarring tissue.

Shingles 4 May 2015

Shingles before acupuncture 4 May 2015

She was given acupuncture only at Houxi (SI3) and Loo point.

Shingles 6 May 2015

2 days after acupuncture 6 May 2015

2 days after the first acupuncture, all the skin lesions on her arm dried up, and the intensity of pain was reduced. The reduction of pain could have been more significant if she had received acupuncture sooner. She was given another acupuncture session which completely resolved the neuralgic pain in her arm.

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