Photo of Nepal fundraise

I’m on a mission to the rural areas of Nepal (4 hours from the capital of Kathmandu) for two months from Jan 2016 to provide health care as part of the acupuncture relief project. As you know Nepal remains one of the poorest countries and most its rural areas don’t have access to even the most basic health care as they continue to struggle in extreme poverty. And now in the aftermath of earthquakes, they need our help more than ever.
I’ll be working in a dedicated team of six practitioners to provide the communities there with inexpensive basic health care solutions.  We’ll be seeing up to 120 people a day and training a handful of local people to be language interpreters and assistants.
This will be the most challenging experience of my life. However I’m determined! To do this I need to raise $3500 USD to cover all the medical supplies, herbs, running costs of the clinic, my food and lodging for two months.
I represent all those whose lives you will impact to thank you with immense gratitude, if you could DONATE to my fundraising page at:
This will be one of the most meaningful and unforgettable experience for which will not only impact the lives of all those I will touch and their families, but will also transform my life and my lifelong practice of medicine.  Thank you so so much for joining me in this life changing cause.